In the first of today’s three announcements, let’s briefly talk about the market. The Case-Shiller Report, the gold standard for real estate reporting across the country, recently brought us the numbers for the first quarter of 2019. The report showed us that San Diego and Los Angeles tied for having the lowest rate of appreciation in the country in terms of the 20 big metropolitan areas they surveyed. That said, our market was actually up by 1.3% year over year, continuing to bear out the softening that we’ve been seeing. 

“San Diego and Los Angeles tied for having the lowest rate of appreciation in the country.”

Another report showed that in April, we had the first national decrease in median home prices in seven years. That dip was only by 0.1%, so it’s too early to call it a trend. This is another indication that the market appears to be softening.

On a personal level, our team, thankfully, has not been softening along with the market. Thanks to your support, I’ve officially been named the No. 1 RE/MAX agent in San Diego! I even finished in the top 20 of all agents in San Diego for dollar production and number of transactions. I couldn’t have done that without your help, and I truly appreciate the trust that you’ve placed in our team. We’ll continue to work toward keeping your trust and earning your referrals. 

The last reason we’re a little behind in bringing you the latest numbers is that we’ve been working on putting together our own app called Bay Park Real Estate, which we’ve now finally finished. By downloading this app, you’ll have access to all the listings on the MLS! Feel free to recommend the app to your friends, and let us know what you think. We think that it will be a great asset to you during your next home search.  

Once again, we truly appreciate all your trust and support, and we look forward to the rest of this year being just as fantastic as the first. If you have any questions about buying or selling homes, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to be your real estate resource.