There’s a lot of creative solutions we’re employing to get deals done and deliver for our clients. Here are the latest numbers from our market and what to expect in real estate.


I hope you’re all safe and sane as we continue to weather this pandemic. Today I’m sharing a market update and examples of how we’re adjusting to the circumstances. There’s a 27% year-over-year decrease in the amount of new homes coming to market, but prices were actually up 6% for the month of March (though most of those transactions had been set up in January and February). In regard to how we’re getting business done, virtual tours have become crucial (LA actually banned in-person tours). Here in San Diego, you can see a home in-person, we just have to take additional precautions, like face masks, gloves, and physical distancing. To learn more about the technology helping us assist our clients, watch the video above.